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Bottle of Blue Sail
Bottles of Blue Sail

The product of real dreamers

We have developed a recipe of the «Blue Sail» vodka, pursuing only one dream – a dream to create the entirely new brand that meets the requirements of the 21st century.

Our product is the synthesis of cutting-edge technologies and natural resources. Two years of painstaking work and a dream comes true, today it lives in unsurpassed quality and rich taste of vodka.

Pride of French manufacturers

The «Blue Sail» is created in France and only here – in the famous region of Cognac. Our vodka is cultivated as a child in rigor and love.

Map of region Cognac
Box with vodka




The pride of France is the soft bakery wheat which makes the superior quality spirits for this aristocratic drink.



To create this drink, we use the artesian water of the French province of Artois which passes through the ultraviolet filtration and, as a direct result of this, the water retains its original mineral properties.

Blue amber


Another secret of our new brand is in the extract. After 7 days of saturation and assimilation, the «Blue Sail» vodka passes an additional stage of the filtration, based on the rare mineral of blue amber — the treasure of the Dominican Islands.

Blue Sail
Bottle of Blue Sail

Vanguard of strong alcoholic drinks

The «Blue Sail» vodka is a dream of gourmets and true connoisseurs of taste. Our noble drink is enveloping you in the special atmosphere. This strong aperitif is really the impeccable creation of French masters.

Exclusive bottle

in everything


Painted, using
modern coaching technology

Handmade decorations
with metal elements
and use of gilding

Exclusiveness in everything


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Blue Sail